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The cornerstones of our method are:

  • helping clients to determine their needs, define requirements, and build functional specifications
  • using agile development methodologies for high flexibility and continuous progress measurement through frequent delivery of working software.


Together with you we discuss thoroughly your IT problems and goals, to:

  • get a clear and precise picture of your needs
  • target the most sensitive areas for improvement
  • formulate well defined, unambiguous requirements
  • create a comprehensible and adaptable functional design
  • pre-define success criteria for the outcome of the project

You can do all these by yourself, if you want to. But you don't have to. We believe that helping you to shape your requirements is our responsibility, part of our commitment and our added value. We love to do it, and we are good in it.


We are strong advocates of the agile methodologies (aka eXtreme Programming) for software development, because of their clear benefits:

  • frequent delivery of useful software (weeks rather than months)
  • measuring the progress by working software
  • continuous testing by client's staff
  • late changes in requirements, regular adaptation to changing circumstances
  • flexibility to reevaluate project priorities
  • low client-side implementation expenditures.

We split development phase to several short term iterations. For each iteration:

  • client determines the next piece of functionality to be developed
  • development takes only one to four (six) weeks
  • the new software release is deployed to the client for evaluation and testing
  • the released software constitutes a working part of the entire application
  • priorities and functionality of the rest of the application are adjusted, if necessary
  • each release is developed as a low risk "fixed functionality - fixed price" assignment.


Because client-side testing and debugging is done continuously with each iteration, there is not much to do in the scary deployment phase. The client staff involved in the project is already familiar with the product, and is ready to use it and share their knowledge with other employees. We provide all technical assistance, that is needed and take care of software support and maintenance.

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