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Nowadays your business depends more and more on the quality and efficiency of the software that controls it. On the reliability and availability of your data. On the seamless information exchange with your partners and your clients.

Ask yourself:

Does your software serve the needs of your business? Does it fit your own business model, your practice, your specific requirements? Does it leverage your competitive advantage? Or do you struggle to adjust your everyday working style to fit its constraints and requirements? If your business is unique, why should your software be an "one-size-fits-all" solution?

Do your bread and butter applications talk to each other? Do they exchange data transparently and flawlessly, without reentering data many times, without any loss of precious information? Or are they isolated islands in the ocean, with their own languages and culture, hostile to each other? Do they serve you, or often you serve them?

Do you have a reliable and effective communication with your partners? Yes, your company is a great team, but how about your subcontractors? Can they use your data easily? Can you software use their results? Is each iteration and data exchange a painful, error-prone process of retyping, recalculating, redesigning things that have been already typed, calculated, designed?

Is your IT structure designed to reuse your experience and best practices? Do your databases store only numbers and names, or also your company knowledge and wisdom? Can you rely that a new employees will be able to reuse the best solutions created by your most experienced people in the past? Or each one will have to reinvent the solution the hard way?

If you are not satisfied by the way you answered these questions, you surely know that other companies have faced and do face every day the same problems.

During the last years we worked actively with a group of innovative European companies from the construction industry, developing integrated software solutions. Solutions, that allow you:

  • to leverage your unique competitive edge
  • to streamline communication between you and your partners
  • to keep your information complete and updated
  • to reuse years of experience.

You can join us in this challenge!

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