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KPMG Consulting, The Netherlands
Since 1996 CORAX works as a subcontractor of e-Solutions business unit of KPMG Consulting, The Netherlands (former Human Performance Technology unit).
Various software products have been developed, mainly in the field of Computer-Based Training (CBT), project management assistance, and Internet-based knowledge management. These products are used now by some major clients of KPMG like KLM (Dutch Airlines), GAK (Dutch Social Security), EDS.
ObjectZoo, The Netherlands
An UK and Dutch based software company working in the area of Internet technologies.
Bright55 BV, The Netherlands
A Dutch Internet Service Provider and Web sites developer, building stockimage web sites for picture agencies, image distributors and publishers.
Tuparev Technologies, The Netherlands
A Dutch software company, specialized in Internet business solutions and Mac OS X programming. (Website: Tuparev Technologies)
Bisoft, The Netherlands
A Dutch software consultancy with deep insight into construction industry and strong knowledge of IT development for the AEC companies.
Bouwtaak BV (former Bouwtaak Kenniscentrum) and BouwnD, The Netherlands
Dutch knowledge management companies in AEC sector, with strong IT focus; center for innovation implementation of ASVB holding, a major Dutch construction enterprise. (Websites: Bouwtaak, BouwnD)
HorcsikCAD Consulting, Hungary
A Hungarian company, developing CAD-related solutions; developer of Estimating Desktop (EDT) software for cost estimation and resource planning. (Website: HorcsikCAD)
deBIMspecialist, The Netherlands
An independent BIM consultancy company, deBIMspecialist delivers expertise to the construction industry, and works with contractors, building owners, architecture firms, developers, software vendors and academic institutions to align the building information needs.
deBIMspecialist pursues also the challenging technical work with BIM solutions based on industry standards as IFC, IDM, IFD, MVD as well Dutch national BIM standards like Coins. (Website: deBIMspecialist)

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